Raised Air Bed Guide

A Raised Air Bed is the perfect addition to any home – the convenience, portability and durability of this type of bed make it ideal for the upcoming holiday season when you need an instant, comfortable extra bed for your family and /or guests.

Here are the main features of these beds:

  • Raised air beds have an elevated sleep surface of between 18 to 24 inches above floor level, which is about the equivalent height of a traditional bed making it easy to get in and out of and offers a very comfortable nights sleep.
  • Easy to inflate and deflate – most raised air beds come with a powerful electric pump which inflates and deflates the bed effortlessly in just a matter of minutes.
  • Many of the more sophisticated models also have adjustable controls, which allow you to fine-tune the bed’s firmness for optimum comfort.
  • These beds are made from a heavy-gauge, durable vinyl which is resistant to punctures and holes.
  • The sleep surface is usually has a soft, velvety, flocked finish or one of the newer sleep surface materials such as pillow top or memory foam to enhance the bed’s comfort.
  • A number of the deluxe models are supplied with a mattress cover for extra comfort and a bed skirt which, when fitted, makes the bed look pretty much like a conventional box spring and mattress.
  • Most raised air beds are available in a choice of twin, full and queen and will fit standard sheets for each size, which in most cases can be tucked in just like a normal bed.
  • Highly portable – Once you’ve finished with it you simply deflate your raised air bed, roll ìt up, slide ìt in its bag and it’s ready for storage or transport.
  • You can make a guest room from just about any room quickly and easily.



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